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Your Business Insurance Policy May Cover the Losses Suffered by Your Business Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus

Businesses across Louisiana (and across our country) that have suffered closure, suspension, or interruption of business operations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may be entitled to payments from their business insurance. Most commercial or business insurance policies provide business interruption coverage, which allows a business to recover from its insurer for loss of business income and the continuing costs that the business incurs as the result of a full or partial interruption of the business. Many such policies are “all risk” policies, which means that the policy covers all possible causes of the interruption except those specifically excluded in the policy. Read more.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Update!

While we continue to work on clients’ cases, and accept new cases, we are working remotely for the health and safety of our employees and clients, but we are available by phone and email. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


New Orleans Maritime & Admiralty Law Attorneys

Jones Act Seamen

Injuries or deaths that occur on or near navigable waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, are usually governed by "admiralty" or "maritime" laws.

One of those laws, the “Jones Act”, provides special rights to a seaman or member of the crew of a vessel to sue his employer for damages as the result of injuries caused by the employer’s negligence. An injured seaman is also entitled to make a claim under the general maritime law against the owner or operator of the vessel for any defect or unsafe condition of the vessel or its equipment – known as an “unseaworthy” condition – that causes his injury. Read more.


Other Maritime Workers

Maritime workers who do not qualify as Jones Act seamen may have other maritime remedies available to them in the event of injury or death on or near navigable waters.

For example, longshoremen, workers involved in shipbuilding or vessel repair, harbor workers and workers aboard fixed platforms on the outer continental shelf are entitled to disability and medical benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). These workers, or their families, can also sue vessel owners and operators or other third parties for the negligence that caused their accident and injury or death. Read more.