Other Maritime Workers

Maritime workers who do not qualify as Jones Act seamen may have other maritime remedies available to them in the event of injury or death on or near navigable waters.

For example, longshoremen, workers involved in shipbuilding or vessel repair, harbor workers and workers aboard fixed platforms on the outer continental shelf are entitled to disability and medical benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). These workers, or their families, can also sue vessel owners and operators or other third parties for the negligence that caused their accident and injury or death.

Passengers on crew boats, cruise ships and recreational boats also have rights under the general maritime law against the vessel owner and operator for the harm they have negligently caused.

We handle the claims of seamen, captains, toolpushers, engineers, drillers, deckhands, roustabouts, roughnecks, divers, pilots, passengers, recreational boaters and all others participating in maritime-related activities aboard all types of vessels, ships and platforms, whether on local waterways, the outer continental shelf, territorial waters, international waters or the high seas, including:

• Drilling rigs and offshore platforms
• Cargo ships, tankers, diving tenders, tugs, push boats, barges, dredges, work boats, crew boats, service boats, river boats and ferries
• Other commercial and passenger ships, boats and vessels
• Recreational watercraft