Your Business Insurance Policy

Businesses across Louisiana (and across our country) that have suffered closure, suspension, or interruption of business operations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may be entitled to payments from their business insurance. Most commercial or business insurance policies provide business interruption coverage, which allows a business to recover from its insurer for loss of business income and the continuing costs that the business incurs as the result of a full or partial interruption of the business. Many such policies are “all risk” policies, which means that the policy covers all possible causes of the interruption except those specifically excluded in the policy.

Evaluation of potential coverage for business interruption losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic requires a complete and thorough review and legal analysis of the terms of the policy itself, and consideration of the facts surrounding the business and its losses by attorneys experienced with “coverage” issues.

The attorneys at Lestelle & Lestelle have the experience and knowledge to help evaluate your business interruption insurance coverage due to the pandemic.

This evaluation is free. We handle claims for business interruption losses on a contingency fee basis; your business would pay us a fee if there is a recovery, based on a percentage of that recovery.

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